Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC currently offers the following services. Please contact us for pricing, scheduling and additional details.

Spacecraft SAIFE Certification

Astrowright’s Superior Astronaut Integration and Flight Ergonomics (SAIFE) Certification Program is designed to provide independent, third-party verification that a spacecraft meets the highest human-system integration and ergonomics standards, while simultaneously providing a clear and concise means of communicating spacecraft attributes and capabilities to potential clients, end-users and stakeholder groups. Implementing an integrated, systems-oriented approach to spacecraft human-systems design and development, which is promoted by seeking SAIFE Certification, can reduce risks, maximize utilizable passenger time on-orbit, and improve overall human-spacecraft performance. Consequently, there are both functionality and safety benefits to earning SAIFE Certification, which translates to enhanced spacecraft reliability and longevity. Initial SAIFE assessments will bring the project team together to evaluate and articulate the project’s goals and the certification level sought.

SAIFE-certified spacecraft are designed to:

  • Minimize time required for crew acclimation and adaptation to the spacecraft environment.
  • Be safer for occupants.
  • Incorporate the latest ergonomics and human-system integration requirements.
  • Fulfill NASA Human Integration Design standards.
  • Demonstrate an owner/provider’s commitment to superior habitable spacecraft development.

All habitable commercial spacecraft are eligible for certification under the SAIFE rating system. Spacecraft types include – but are not limited to – suborbital and orbital space transportation systems, orbital habitats, and extra-orbital service module spacecraft. Best-practice human factors considerations are most effectively incorporated early in the spacecraft development cycle. Contact us for additional SAIFE Certification Program information or to arrange an initial consultation.

Preflight Fitness

Whether a professional astronaut or an upcoming spaceflight participant, Astrowright’s pioneering preflight fitness program includes a custom, in-person or video-chat-based exercise regimen tailored to suit you, no matter your fitness level, age, or background. Using combinations of cardio, strength, and vestibular exercises, we can help you to reduce the effects of Space Motion Sickness, minimize your recovery time from the forces of launch and reentry, and develop agility useful for microgravity movement and orientation – helping you to maximize your time in space. Basic programs are offered in two-session, 12-session, and 24-session packages. For longer periods, for groups, or for organizations and agencies, the development of further-customized preflight fitness programs is available upon request. For more information, click here.

Flight Readiness Status

For professionals or for the more credential-inclined, Astrowright also offers a certificate of Flight Readiness Status (FRS). Based on a series of industry-standard fitness benchmarks and proprietary assessment techniques, which may be performed from home, holding an Astrowright FRS certificate demonstrates your ability to physiologically withstand the rigors of space flight and maintain mental focus while doing so. In order to maintain a FRS certificate, Astrowright requires annual or semi-annual reassessments.

Microgravity Product Testing

With experience in NASA KC-135 “Microgravity University” experimentation design and with trained suborbital scientist-astronauts on staff, let Astrowright test your products for use in “zero-G” environments. Undergoing rigorous, comprehensive ergonomic engineering and/or logistical product evaluations under varying gravity conditions will identify areas of recommended further development to ensure that your product is ready for adoption by suborbital researchers, spaceflight participants, space tourists, and professional astronauts. Product promotion opportunities are also available upon request.

Spacecraft Habitability Assessments

For clients wishing to have the habitability of a given spacecraft independently assessed prior to deciding whether or not it is suitable for their use or objectives, Astrowright offers one-of-a-kind evaluation services. We will act as intermediary between a client and the spacecraft provider, conducting a comprehensive evaluation and ensuring a discreet information transaction to provide the information needed for clients to make smart investments while preserving the integrity of proprietary spacecraft technical information.

Radiation Dosimetry

All space flights expose passengers to increased doses of radiation. This exposure, normally shielded by the Earth’s atmosphere, derives from galactic cosmic radiation (GCR), charged particles from the Sun, and secondary radiation from the walls of the spacecraft itself as it interacts with the former types of radiation. Earn peace-of-mind by knowing your radiation exposure during your flight or flights with Astrowright dosimetry. Leveraging unique experience in health physics, radiological engineering and radiation protection technology, Astrowright provides flight participants active and passive dosimeters to wear during flight and will perform a complete data analysis to estimate your radiation dose upon return. For more information click here.

Charter Payload Specialists

Planning on lofting a scientific or technical payload requiring a human operator aboard a suborbital or orbital spacecraft? Instead of investing in the high-dollar, expendable training necessary to train your own personnel for the flight, allow Astrowright’s Charter Payload Specialists to perform this service at a fraction of the cost. With extensive cross-disciplinary scientific research experience, Astrowright’s Payload Specialists maintain FAA-certified state-of-the-art spaceflight training, including multi-axis centrifuge, high-altitude, gravity countermeasures, physical fitness, pressure breathing, and a range of other industry standard qualifications. Let Astrowright help you to ensure that your payload delivers a maximum return on your investment.

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